Glee dating chart

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Quartie Baby Later, Brittany walks in on Quinn and Santana alone in the choir room, witnessing them slapping each other. They kissed, made out. The Rocky Horror Glee Show Brittany seems confused as to why Kurt was invited when the girls are picking prom outfits. The first season of the musical comedy-drama television series Glee originally aired on Fox in the United States. At the end pose, they are lying down next to one another with her hand resting on his back, and their legs are also intertwined. He is comatose for several days, and Kurt is terrified that he might lose him.

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Brittany has a breakdown while Mr.

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Glee Relationship Chart

While Blaine is singing It's Not Unusual in the McKinley courtyard, Santana turns around from her table, smiles and makes a hand gesture towards the Cheerios to start dancing with Blaine. She suggests he tells him to burn all his clothes, then start dressing like a normal person and follow his life ambition to become America's top Barbara Bush impersonator. Puck wants to help Artie, but he cares more about his family so he tries to steal money from the cupcake fund for Quinn and their baby. Impressed by his audition, Artie asks him if he would be interested in auditioning for Tony. Puck kisses her mother, Shelby. Like this:

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