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If we traveled on the road, I would always have to wake them up in the motel a full two hours before I wanted to get on the road again. There are tons of in-processing and appointments you need to attend. If you're waiting in the bench area, stand up at attention when an NCO or TI walks past or you'll get busted. Ina male shipmate got into my barracks room and placed a camera in my bathroom and set it to record. On our first BX run, they told us everything had to be the same — one of our TIs even said they favored the small travel-sized shampoo and certain razors. I was left behind on major movements, forgotten about and asked to form up over an hour before my male colleagues, simply because I was a woman and lived elsewhere.

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He could also be forced to retire or reduced in rank. On Tuesday, a second female captain testified that Sinclair, her direct superior, twice forced her to perform oral sex and threatened to kill her and her family if she told anyone. We actually did not do details or dorm guard which I'll explain later until the first week of training. When we finally reached the base, a Non-Commissioned Offcer NCO stepped onto the bus, calmly told us to grab our bags and get off. I was among the first female aviation assignment officers. We were herded upstairs to the dorm on the second floor and were told to stand next to a wall locker. I come from a Hispanic family and am the only woman in my family to have joined the Army.

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